Superfood mixes

100% natural, domestic, sugar- and additive-free superfood mixes consist of freeze-dried berries
that retain the maximum vitamin content of natural berries.
These powerful mixtures are easy to add on a daily basis to smoothies, yogurt, porridge instead of jam
or consumed mixed with water. This way you get more from every meal!

Recipe collection

Recipe collection

We have put together a variety of healthy recipes for real Be More fans.
All of our recipes are recognized by nutritionists, high in nutritional value and containing.
In superfood mixes you will find a large number of vitamins,
minerals and phytonutrients that are good for the body.

Domestic production

Our products contain only natural ingredients from nature around us,
without additives and preservatives. To get 1 kg freeze-dried berries
you need about 10 kg of berries are needed to get berry flour.
Our raw materials come mainly from Estonia and we also
use ancient and high-vitamin natural superfoods
from different parts of the world.

Everyone of us

wants a little more out of their life

Our story begins with Kirti. Kirti is a young woman whose days are filled with activities. There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done that she would like to. Although Kirti had willpower enough for three women, her body could not keep up with her tempo. Thus, Kirti wanted to enrich her diet with natural vitamins and minerals.

Need help choosing products?

Do you have doubts about your choice of products or need help finding the right ones?

Our team includes a professional pharmacist and nutritionist who can help you with food supplements and other product related questions! Feel free to contact us!

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